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Return To Sender (1962)

(Music and lyrics by Blackwell and Scott)

Return to sender was written for the movie Girls, girls, girls, but it was actually released on a single before the movie release. It became a big hit and reached #2 on billboard chart.

You can find 'Return To Sender' on 50 Worldwide Gold Hits: Volume 1.

"She wrote upon it:
"Return to sender, address unknown,
No such number, no such zone"."

Yes, I like Elvis a lot. I have be to see his house in Graceland it was nice.

I have been an Elvis fan since I was eight years and went to see the movie where he sings "Return to Sender" by myself.

Alicia M. Sisk
I've sang Return to Sender, it was my favorite song and I appreciate Elvis for it.

Wow! Return to sender is one of the best songs I've ever heard!
best song ever
I always liked this song, since I was very young. I like the lyrics as well as its tune. And now, I'm going to sing it myself for I'm starting as a singer. I hope I can make it a hit! Thank you!!

Carlo D'Ă€tena
Who did actualy write this song? Elvis?
Erik Holm

It was the songwriter Otis Blackwell.

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