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Hound Dog (1956)

(Words and music by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)

Elvis recorded this song on July 2, 1956, at RCA Victor Studios in New York. He had already performed it on TV on June 5, in the NBC 'Milton Berle Show'. After released on a single with "Don't Be Cruel", it went to be #1 hit for 11 weeks.

The lyrics are short and say for example: "You ain't never caught a rabbit, And you ain't no friend of mine."

You can find Hound dog song on the CD 50 Worldwide Gold Hits: Volume 1.

This is a true rock and roll song. Thankyou Elvis Presley for recording this song.

This song rocks! I love the energy Elvis gave when he performed this song live for the first song ! I thinks it's hilarious having to sing to a real hound dog!

Emily Pruett
I love Hound Dog it is my #1 song in the world. I know it by heart.

Elvis, you rock. Just a shame you are dead, but if you knew how you would be remembered, I am sure you would have died happily. Hound dog is a hand jive shake ripple and roll right toe tapping tune which will be remembered for centuries. U ROCK.

"Hound Dog" was the first record I bought with my own money. I was four years old, and I had waited in a long line (all by myself) to make my big, important purchase from the store clerk. When my turn came, I boldly asked for the record. She peered at me over the counter in dismay and whined, "Oh, no! Not YOU too?"
Initially, my mother was shocked at Elvis' gyrating performances, but she pronounced, "That cute little boy will go far." Mama was right.

Elvis' songs are amazing and irresistable. I love "You ain't nothing but a hound dog" and all the other songs.
ELVIS,YOU ROCK. FROM YOUR FAVE FAN. I LOVE THE SONG HOUND DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love "You ain't nothing but a hound dog", plus all the rest of his songs. Elvis our love is gone but in our hearts he lives on. Elvis was a gift sent from above. He shared with us his joy and love. Each day when I open my album and see his face, I know there never be anyone else to take his place Elvis our love is gone but in our hearts he lives on. We love you Elvis.

No one has ever made a better rock 'n roll record than this one, except maybe Elvis. The night after he died, Irish tv showed most of his 1956 TV footage. I was nine years old and watching Elvis do this number absolutely floored me. Elvis is the road map to all kinds of music and styles. I dont think any song had the same impact as this one. The fierce rythm, the clapping, the Jordanaires, Scotty, Bill and dj Fontana back him full tilt. The story goes, Elvis after being humiliated by Steve Allen the previous night in front of fifty million people, channeled all his frustration into this session, creating a song with a driving, unstoppable repetitive beat, building in intensity all the time. No wonder the guardians of America's morals were squirming, this record gets you on your feet and may send you into an ecstatic trance.. Fifty one years later, it comes on the radio and has the same impact. I can never tire of this legendary performance. Elvis was a genius and houndog one of his greatest records and one of the songs that left people in no doubt that he was the king of rock 'n roll. Pat.

Not that I'm attracted to men but this cat's a hunk most women would agree. As a man I'm not scared to admit when I first saw him perform hounddog on stage It was wonderful and exciting. I can't help but wan't to dance to that song out of all America's presidents only one true king.

Johnny Parker
Any time I hear this song I can't keep myself from dancing!Brilliant
I love this song becuse it makes me dance

I like this song because it was on Lilo & Stitch!!!!!

BB Fan
I love all of his songs.Ihave posters on my wall.I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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