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Guitar Man (1968)

(Music and lyrics words by Jerry Reed Hubbard)

This song was written and originally recorded by the guitar legend Jerry Reed. It tells a story of a guitarist who gets on the road, heading for Memphis first, then to Macon, Georgia, trying to make a dollar or two picking his guitar, with no luck. Finally he finds himself in Mobile, Alabama, and gets to play in a club they call Big Jack's.

It was released in 1981 on a LP with the same name and went to #1 on the country top hits billboard chart.

You'll find Guitar man on the CDs NBC-TV Special or The '68 Comeback Special.

It reminded me of when I left home in 1970. I left my mother a goodbye note and started a new life with my baby boy and I left my dancing shoes at home.

My all time Nr. 1 Elvis Song (Single vers 1967) - superb lyrics that tells a little bit Elvis Music Career - Jerry Reeds Guitar Pickin' on that tune is outstanding - I also like to listen to the Guitar Man Session-Tapes
I bought a 3 cassette pack of Elvis tunes in the early to mid 80's called "An American Trilogy", with the songs Guitar man, U.S. male, Big Boss Man, and many other great Elvis songs. I believe the packaging said it was from Columbia Records and I cannot find a trace of this set anywhere, does anyone have any info on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It was hard to pick only 5 faves, but since some of mine weren't on the list, that made it a bit easier (How about Wearin' That Loved On Look, or anything from the From Elvis in Memphis album?) Of course I love all the classics that everyone knows, but since I'm a big fan I tend to favor some of the slightly lesser known tunes. Any way, I play the guitar so for me this was a no brainer. Either version, from the 68 Tv show, or the original version which is on the Clambake album (just thought I'd point that out even if it is out of print)- they both completely rock!

Love this song. Seems to have been recorded in many versions however, there's just one that I really like. Can somebody tell me on which albums it's included?

Magnus, Sweden.
great song,good beat,solo and lyrics. Did Jerry Reed write it?


Yes he did.

I first heard Junior Brown's rockin bad daddy version of this song. (Junior Brown knows 'em and plays 'em OLD SCHOOL) Then I tuned into Elvis' version and it sent chills down my spine. What a song, what a singer! Elvis is still The King.

Big R in Beijing
I listened this song for the first time in a Washington D.C. juke box back in 1968.I was thrilled!


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