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An American Trilogy (1972)

(Arranged By Elvis Presley)

Elvis put together "An American Trilogy" using parts from three other patriotic songs:

It starts out copying the song Dixie, by Daniel Decatur Emmett, talking about the land of cotton, Dixieland.

The second part of the song — "Glory, glory, hallelujah, His truth is marching on!" — borrows words from Battle Hymn of the Republic, which was written by Julia Ward Howe during the American civil war.

And the third part is taken from the African-American spiritual All My Trials.

It is an interesting song, and very emotional. I don't know if you can really say it has a chorus line, unless it is this: "Glory, glory, hallelujah, His truth is marching on!"

Here is a clip of American Trilogy as performed by 24K Gold Music Shows:

Elvis sang this with a passion that no one could ever take away from him.

Emily Pruett
When Elvis sang, "Hush my baby, don't you cry, your daddy is bound to die," was he saying goodbye to his daughter and fans? I keep having dreams about Elvis and hear his songs when I try to concentrate on school.

Anna Wilson
This song is done so well, I LOVE IT AND HAVE WATCHED it many times on Elvis on tour". I will love Elvis til the day I die, he was definitely one of a kind.. I miss you everyday, I got your music in my head all of time Long live the King!

laura chapman
No other performer can make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck like this guy. The power and feeling in his voice will never be matched. American Trilogy is only one example of this guy's mind-blowing talent. Every time I watch this guy perform I know I am watching history because there will never ever be anyone like him again.

Rodney Wagg from New Zealand
An American Trilogy... I'm a Swiss man, but let me tell you, reader, that every time I hear that monumental song, I wanna cry! Elvis sings everytime with such fellings and talent I feel like believe him.......

Steeve Truchard, Switzerland
I can not pick any one song. I just loved them all and I have been an Elvis fan for so long. I have never been to his mansion but intend to go one of these days and also to his birth place. I have just found a cam from the air that shows Graceland. And I have had the live cam of his mansion for a few years. I like to go there and see what is going on. Sometimes there are a long line of people going in. I wish one was me. I never did get to meet him but I think I will one of these days in that Golden Place.

I'm a true southerner and very proud of where I'm from. The first time I heard the song I cried . When I leave this world I want this song played at my for me.

Phyllis Jordan
I love this song. I especially love the Dixie part of the song and this a ballad.
A true classic Elvis sings this song with such feeling evertime I hear it or see it on a DVD it gives me goose bumps.

Gerry. Sydney Australia
I used to sing my daughter to sleep with this song when she was a baby. Next week, I'll dance with her to it at her wedding.

jm, Howell, MI
I saw Elvis Perform this in concert. It is probably one of the greatest performances he ever did.

Mike Singleton
When Elvis sings this song I start balling, especially when he sings it in his last concert and changes some words to you know your daddy's "bout" to die, he simply told the story of his life. I come from Dixieland and I love to go to Tupelo and Memphis. I wish God would let the whole world see the man, Elvis Aaron Presley, not the singer, the man. Let people see how great he was. I wish he could still be here with us. I think the world would be better. We could look up to him and try to be like him, giving caring loving. Elvis, I want you to know how much I love you. We want you, we love, we need you.........bronte pruitt.....

bronte, 10
EVRY TIME I HEAR HIM SING THIS SONG..... tears come to my eyes. Elvis was the total package of which none has been seen before him and most likely, never will. Not only possessed the Voice, The Face, the Stature but most importantly, the heart and soul..... which shines in this song!!

TK Cincinnati Ohio
American Trilogy showcases Elvis at his professional zenith - he is in top form here, bending notes in all the right places, reaching heights in emotion as well as octave excellence. For those who dared to ever qeustion the King's ability, they needn't look any further. A crowning moment!!!
Gabriel-Karra-Garra Island, Australia.

gabriel Whiddett
This is my all time favourite. He made it the story of his life, acknowledging his roots, his humanity and his faith, giving his heart and soul in singing it.


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