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Elvis Movie "Live a Little, Love a Little" (1968)

"Live a Little, Love a Little" sees Elvis in a role of the photographer, Greg Nolan, who meets a weird and mixed up woman (played by Michele Cary).  This lady changes her name constantly, so is called "The Girl With No Name".  She gets hold of Elvis' mind to the point that he loses both his job and apartment.  Elvis then tries to juggle between two girl-type magazine photographing jobs in the same building, pretending at both that he only works for that magazine.

Songs in "Live a Little, Love a Little" include "Wonderful World", "Edge of Reality", "A Little Less Conversation" (which was used in a Nike commercial in 2002), and "Almost in Love".

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Reviewed by:  Greg Nolan   -   Rated: 9
Great songs, good acting, good storyline. definately a cut above anything Elvis had done (movie-wise) for quite a few years!

Reviewed by:  Walt from Viva Las Vegas   -   Rated: 2
Oh, lets see ... Live a little, Love a little ...so so, as with most Elvis movies. Once again, the plot was ever so weak, acting was even weaker,and fortunately for Elvis, he was coming to the end of his "bouncy-bouncy girls, clad in bikini movies" acting career. Even Elvis was tiring of these low budget, hastily written, stereotypical "boy gets pretty girl, but only after he sings to her, punches a couple loud-mouthed dudes for her, and tries to smirk some comedy into the plot" movies.

The sad reality is that Elvis longed for a shot at real acting, a serious role, where he could demonstrate some film talent, ala, Flaming Star, (which remains his one truly memorable dramatic acting role). However, in Live a Little, Love a Little, he was (once again) expected to make the most of a plot with a little love, a little life, a little script, a little budget, very little comedy, and a little known co-star, Michele Cary ?? (nice hair, pretty, but inexperienced with only a bit part in El Dorado a year earlier, in 1967, with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, and James Cann).

Elvis introduced 5 new songs (mostly long forgotten now, in a graveyard of mediocre movie songs ... anybody rememember "Edge of Reality?" ... a song that never became reality). However, one stand-out song which Elvis introduced in this movie, "A Little Less Conversation" offered a glimmer of respect in yet another one of those boring, packaged, predictable, stale, if not embarrassing canned productions that seemed to plague Elvis! What was Colonel Parker thinking?

My final thoughts: Elivs, you will forever be the King of Rock n Roll, a great talent, and one of the best ever entertainer on stage! May your music and your memory live forever!

Reviewed by:  Damian From Crystal City   -   Rated: 8
This Movie Is Good Bye I Thought That He Did A Very Good Job Of Acting And The Songs Were Fine !

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