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Elvis Movie "Kid Galahad" (1962)

Kid Galahad is actually a remake of an oldie boxing film, so it has a dramatic plot, but the Elvis version is mixed with plenty of happy songs.  Elvis' character retuns to his hometown from army, wanting to work as a mechanic, but ending up being trained to be a boxer.  He becomes a boxing champion and gets a nickname "Kid Galahad".  Then he falls for his manager's sister (Joan Blackman), which does not please the manager...

Musical numbers include "Riding the Rainbow", "King of the Whole Wide World", "I Got Lucky", and more.

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15 Movie Reviews of "Kid Galahad"

Reviewed by:  Melody from Virginia   -   Rated: 10
I just love the scenery in this movie with Elvis. the storyline is good also and he does a wonderful job portraying a boxer, one of my favorites.

Reviewed by:  Anonymous   -   Rated: 10
[No Review]

Reviewed by:  Kindra Wilcoxon   -   Rated: 10
Elvis Presley really puts a lot of heart in, not only kid galahad, but also all 33 of his movies.  I'm only 13, but Elvis is da bomb!

Reviewed by:  Greg Nolan   -   Rated: 8
An under-rated classic Elvis movie - good acting (including some well-respected Hollywood actors), some great songs and beautiful scenery. This is the movie that turned me into an Elvis fan back in 1982.

Reviewed by:  Anonymous   -   Rated: 8
[No Review]

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