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Elvis Movie "Girl Happy" (1961)

"Girl Happy" is a fun comedy where Elvis' band gets to play in Fort Lauderdale during the spring break, but the deal includes that Elvis has to babysit a mobster's teenage daughter (played by Shelley Fabares) and protect her from those boys on the college spring break.  Fabares makes life difficult by running wild all around.

You can enjoy the King singing "The Meanest Girl in Town", "I've got to find my Baby", "Do the Clam", "Startin' Tonight", "Spring Fever" and "Puppet on a String", "Cross My Heart, Hope to Die".  Elvis also does the "Clam" dance, which is fun to watch.

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Reviewed by:  PHIL FROM CA   -   Rated: 8
One of his best movies. Elvis made three movies a year, and one was good, the other two dogs most years.

Reviewed by:  Jim from Canada   -   Rated: 10
This movie is always entertaining and always makes me smile.

Reviewed by:  Geoff - Minneapolis, MN   -   Rated: 10
Along with Spinout, this was a favorite for me. It has good tunes, great actresses, and an entertaining story. I could watch this one over and over (and have in fact). The only thing I can't figure out is why the 1997 VHS release cut out "Wolf Call". The tune is only 90 seconds long anyway. What is gained by cutting a minute and a half of solid entertainment out of a classic like this? Still, great with or without "Wolf Call".

Reviewed by:  jessica from illinois   -   Rated: 10
I love elvis and all his movies. girl happy is a great movie. I was wondering though if anyone knows where I would be able to buy a copy of it. if anyone knows, please post a comment on here. thanks!

Reviewed by:  Amarantha   -   Rated: 10
This movie was so right for Elvis and he was so good in it. I wish I was in Elvises time and could take that girl's place.

Reviewed by:  Vally from Romania   -   Rated: 10
Girl Happy is one of the best movies of The King!

Reviewed by:  Lisa   -   Rated: 10
hey it's elvis presley; why rate his movies? all his fans know it's what we have of him. even if he is singing to dog or to a child, it's all about him. to me elvis was robbed from really having a bigger part in the movies, and from reading all of the things about the man that's what he really wanted was a singing movie, and the only one that he only sang the movie title was charro, so to me all are great.

Reviewed by:  Robin-Cincinnati, Ohio   -   Rated: 10
"Girl Happy" is by far my absolute favorite Elvis movie!  I'm 38 and when me and my 2 best friends were kids we would wait for it to be shown on T.V., and as soon as we would find out it was going to be on, we took turns at each other's house watching it and would pop popcorn and be right in front of the T.V. singing right along. Elvis was HOT and at his absolute best. and I just loved the movie plot and the characters. the music was great! Years later as an adult, when it came out on VHS, my mom went out and bought it for me! and when I got it, I felt like a kid all over again! And I put it in and watch it from time to time. I never get tired of it. I still sing to the music just like when I was a kid. Me and my buddies wished we were Shelly Fabares and her 2 girlfirends driving to the Beach on Spring Break! lol! And I never looked at Fort Lauderdale the same way again. (never been there) but to this day when someone brings that beach up, what and who do I think of? You guessed it! My one and only ELVIS! Hail to the King!

Reviewed by:  Melody from Virginia   -   Rated: 10
This has always been one of the top 5 Elvis movies for me. I think this is one of his best comedy performances, and the soundtrack was good also.

Reviewed by:  Skully from Roxbury   -   Rated: 7
When I was a "tween", I saw Girl Happy on t.v. with my older sisters. I was quickly drawn to the opening song, which kept my interest intact to see if there were going to be anymore catchy songs. I enjoyed the romp of the plot. The so-called jail break, the discovery by Shelly Fabares, that he was hired by "Daddy", and the eventual clearing up of any misunderstanding. The only thing that always stood out as a turn-off was the camera showing Shelly's ugly feet, EW!

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