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The film "G.I. Blues" (1960) was done right after Elvis returned from army service in Germany, and in the movie Elvis is also stationed in Germany as G.I. Tulsa McLean.  He places a bet with his army mates about being able to spend time with an offish dancer girl, Prowse, and is chosen to try to charm the lady.  While working on winning Prowse over for the bet's sake, Tulsa falls in love (of course!).  The movie has lots of singing with a nice happy ending.

Songs include "Tonight Is So Right For Love", "Wooden Heart", "G.I. Blues", "Blue Suede Shoes", and "Didja' Ever".

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Reviewed by:  Sis from "Promised Land"   -   Rated: 10
One comment I read stated Elvis did not seem raw in G.I. BLUES movie as he did during 1956-57.  It is no surprise that Elvis during three or four years would mature, especially because he was in U.S. Army.  Another comment I read stated Elvis had "bad hair" in G.I. BLUES movie.  Could the person not realize Elvis' hair was growing from U.S. Army cut?  Surely, true admirers of Elvis Presley know his movies were suitable for families, AND kept Hollywood alive financially, FACT.  Another comment stated a couple of fellows "took" songs of Elvis which kept him from being top of charts with them.  Elvis recorded songs of other people, with PUBLISHING RIGHTS to his attorneys from original singers.

Reviewed by:  JOHN PAINTER from Sacramento   -   Rated: 8
Elvis made three good movies in the 1960s: flaming star, Viva Las Vegas, and GI Blues. This Elvis is not like the raw Elvis in 56 and 57. He seems more polished in the way he moves and talks, as if he took acting lessons. Colonel Parker convinced the world media that the rock-n-roll rebel was a simple patriotic all-American G.I. discharged. Elvis fans were ready to welcome him with open arms. Elders and non-believers had never been more prepared to accept him. G.I. Blues marked Elvis as an all-around entertainer. At least it was smartly done. The film was well shot, and the cast was not bad. I liked this movie. I rate it 8 points.

Reviewed by:  Jack H from USA   -   Rated: 10
This movie is generally underated. It has a music compilation worth owning, and the story was fun, and the scenery (including Juliet Prowse) was great. The sad part about this movie was the failure to release "Wooden Heart" as a single. It probably cost Elvis another number one hit on his credits. The song was covered by Joe Dowell, and his pitiful attempt "to do" Elvis still went to number one on the charts. Another Elvis song not released that year as a single was "Girl of My Best Friend", which was a hit for Ral Donner (another Elvis sound alike singer).

Reviewed by:  Anonymous   -   Rated: 10
I saw GI Blues years ago, and saw it again in 2006 - I still like it!

Reviewed by:  Molly from LA   -   Rated: 10
Great movie! I remembered that was the first Elvis movie that I know. I can still remember how beautiful Juliet Prowse is. Also how cute the baby that Elvis sang Big Boot to.

Reviewed by:  Caroline Canty   -   Rated: 10
One of the best Elvis movies I have ever seen. I just wish we were told what rank Elvis was in the army in the movie.

Reviewed by:  Anonymous   -   Rated: 10
I loved this movie! I think it shows that when Elvis got out of the army he STILL HAD IT!

Reviewed by:  Jeery   -   Rated: 6
The movie was good, but his hair was BAD!!

Reviewed by:  Melody from Virginia   -   Rated: 10
Elvis in uniform -- need I say more? Awesome! How handsome can a man be? He did a very good job with this movie.

Reviewed by:  kk   -   Rated: 10
Elvis is so classic in this movie.

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