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The topic of Elvis impersonators or Elvis tribute artists is kind of controversial... Some people are kind of 'die-hard' Elvis fans and feel the impersonators tarnish his memory - yet many people truly enjoy concerts by these artists and feel it's just fine entertainment.

Maybe the bad image is brought on by it being so easy to buy a wig and impersonate Elvis in any ole karaoke show. But professional Elvis impersonators many times go to great efforts and are sincerely trying to pay tribute to Elvis' memory with their performance.

And in a sense, the mere existence of thousands of Elvis tribute artists proves how popular and influential Elvis was in his lifetime. They can help to further maintain the memory of Elvis in people's minds.

We don't want to take sides on this issue... but vote on our poll: Are you one of those who can enjoy a good show of an Elvis impersonator, or do you think Elvis impersonators demerit the real Elvis and tarnish his memory?


Elvis Impersonator Poll

Tick all the boxes that apply (up to 4)!

I actively oppose Elvis impersonators.
I don't like Elvis impersonators, but won't fight them either.
I think some Elvis impersonators are OK, but many should just stay home.
I don't care, people can do as they wish, perform as Elvis or not.
I like Elvis impersonators!
I have been to a concert of some Elvis tribute artist (impersonator).
I haven't been to a concert, but could go if opportunity arises.
I'm a fan of some Elvis impersonator!
I'd like to be one myself!
I have performed as Elvis myself!

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Read here the story of Thane Dunn and how he became Elvis tribute artist.

Are you a professional Elvis tribute artist or Elvis impersonator? We'd like to hear your story as to why you like Elvis, what Elvis means to you, and how you got into the business of singing as Elvis. Please contact us with your story. We may publish your story on this website with your picture and a link to your website.

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24K Gold Music Shows
Dynamic musical showband with special emphasis on classic oldies, including Elvis!

24K Gold Music Shows is a large oldies musical revue performing many genres, but emphasizing the 'golden oldies' and Elvis.

The last part of each evening show is an Elvis Tribute, featuring his music based on arrangements from his 1970s concerts. And every show is different!

24K Gold Music Shows understands there was only one Elvis Presley, so NO ONE in in the band will ever attempt to "impersonate" Elvis or pretend to be him! The show they are doing is a sincere tribute to the King, with NO attempt to mock him.

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