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This section of ElvisTribute.US is dedicated to your story as to how/why you became an Elvis fan, or started liking his music.  Elvis wasn't just someone who had a nice voice or someone who performed stunning shows - he had charisma, he had talent, he had energy on stage as no one else, and his personality behind the scenes wasn't one of the typical celebrities who may just think about money and greed.  It is well known that he gave a lot of money to different charities and also helped his friends and family and gave them gifts.

Is it these factors or something else that made you like Elvis Presly?   Let us know.  Submit YOUR story below, and let the world and other fans know what it was that made you an Elvis fan!  We expect to collect interesting stories.


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The fan story of: Taylor, 16
I became an Elvis fan at 9 years old. CBS was showing a miniseries about him. I watched it and became an instant fan. I have seen every Elvis movie but 2 or 3 and I have all of them but 2 or 3 on DVD. I also have records and CDs that I enjoy listening to. Elvis has touched my life a great deal I love his music and movies I am a HUGE fan and I will remain one for the rest of my life. Elvis will always be the KING .

Taylor Dople
The fan story of: Irene
we bought the mobil home used in the movie Speedway and fixed it up to use for a vacation place. Actually found some rosebuds and leaves in the stove... pretty need. We sold it later.

Irene Hinkley
The fan story of: Katelynn, 15
I fell in love with Elvis when I heard his song "A Little Less Conversation." Then I gradually started listening to all of his albums, and getting into his movies. He has so much to him, his looks, and he did a very good job keeping this going all of the years, he was dedicated, and after all he was a poor kid, and he didn't plan to be anybody important but he died being the king of rock n roll. He is my hero, my everything, I'm 15 so it is impossible to see him live but I bet he would be amazing!

The fan story of: Debra Devey, 56
I was just wondering how can I become an Elvis fan. I have wanted to be a fan years ago but didn't know how to go about doing it so maybe u can help me. I have been an Elvis fan ever since was a little girl. Pleaze help if you can would really appreciate very much.

Debra Devey
The fan story of: Evan
There are many Elvis fans in New Zealand. I'm just one. I hope all's well and goodness to Priscilla & Lisa-Marie and family and friends. My dad was a lot like Elvis except he managed a trucking co and sailed yachts. In NZ us guys have our mates means friends. It's a matter of trust. I suppose we will have wonderful memories so talented. It is wonderful to hear and see his music, bless you all.

Evan from yonder
The fan story of: Barbie, 65
I've been an Elvis fan since 1956 when I first heard (at 8 years old) "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog"......... I first got to see him in "Love Me Tender" and the fans were KRAZY all over the isles of the theatre, on their knees screaming their heads off whenever he was on the screen........ it was mayhem! But I loved it and stayed for 3 shows and then went home to a frantic mom & dad wondering where I was all that time!!! I always saw his movies when they came to town and starting serious collecting when I was 12 and have never stopped......... I met Elvis in L.A. in '67 and '68 when he was filming movies... he was oh so very sweet to his fans hanging around the gate... we flew down from Canada just to see him.... when he started performing again in '69 - we flew to Vegas and I was lucky enough to see 30 shows from 69-76..... (all over the northeast, Tahoe, etc.) There is no performer that will ever come close to him!!!!!......... the excitement of seeing him live will never ever be forgotten!!!.............. my 2 daughters and grandaughter are real Elvis fans too!!!... They've all been brought up on Elvis!..... we love ya Elvis and always will!!!!!!


The fan story of: Keith
Hi - Just came across your blog and I was blown away! I'm such a big Elvis fan myself that I actually got married at Graceland. It's fabulous to find someone else who cherishes Elvis's music & persona. What's your connection to The King? keith [ at ] kingtinuing.com


The fan story of: Tamati Reid, 65
It was in the year 1956,we had an old radio I remember.

We listened to a programe called "Hit Parades", and the songs played by the radio station were by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and others, and then me, my brothers and sisters heard this song "Heartbreak Hotel" by a singer named Elvis. It was the best song I've ever heard out of all the songs that was played by the radio station. I really enjoyed this song and also wanting to know about this singer named Elvis Presley. The name sounded very cool to me. I tried to find out where I could find any article or photo of the singer. Me and my sisters are very strong Elvis fans.

Later on in years, when I left school at the age sixteen to go to the big city of Wellington to work, my first pay I spent it on Elvis magazines, any Elvis scrapebooks, Elvis monthlies, even bought new clothes that would look like Elvis, styled my hair, practice to sing and look like him, even shaking my body. I always go to work singing Elvis songs, I bought all his record singles, extended players and LP's. I plastered my bedroom walls with every photo and picture that I could buy, I even bought me an old portable record player and everywhere I go I would take my record player and some Elvis records and listen to his songs.

At work, my workmates were calling me Elvis because of the look-a-like, the more they called me Elvis the more I would go to my bedroom mirror to see myself, I dig the guy, no matter what people say about him, he's no doubt the greatest singer/performer the world has ever known. A great legend and the one that started it all.

I went to Wellington at the end of the year 1964 I bought his records and I still have them in my possession. I was at work in the year 1977 the month of August when my older sister came to see me and told me if I had heard the news. I said to her that I was too busy to listen to any news, she said that the news was that Elvis has died. I did not believe her. I went to our office and asked to listen to any news on Elvis. When I walked in the office I asked for the radio station to be switched on. They were playing Elvis songs in dedication to him. I was shocked and lonely, I wanted to go home, tears were flowing.

Many of us and fans have lost a great friend, a great singer, actor and entertainer. He will never be forgotten and be replaced by anyone. Although he's gone from us phsycally, he'll always be here with us spiritually and his legacy is as strong as ever.

Tamati Reid

The fan story of: Ruhi , 13
I first discovered Elvis when I went over to a friend's house during my winter break. We were having a great time, when they asked me if I wanted to play Just Dance. I agreed and they told me they had to show me a funny song- It was Elvis Presley's 'Viva Las Vegas" The actions were a little wacky, but when I heard his voice, I was shocked- he had such a beautiful voice! So when I went home that evening, I went on YouTube and searched up "Viva Las Vegas" again, and there he was, Elvis. My heart jumped out of my body, and I thought, "Wow, what a gorgeous man!!" After I heard the song, there was more songs on the 'Recommended' section. I went hysterical and kept clicking on more videos and listening to his songs, and at that moment I had just discovered my new favorite singer.


The fan story of: Mary Boehling , 51
I don't have a concert story and was not a fan till Aug. 14, 2012 when I had a dream I was at an Elvis concert. Since that day I have consumed everything Elvis. My family thinks I'm crazy, but they don't know the feeling I get when I listen to his voice and gaze at the perfect, gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, make u melt man. One thing I definitely regret, where was I all these years tht I did not notice him. I love all the stories, they actually make me cry because my heart hurts so bad that I never saw him in person. I have read everthing about him in 5 months. Yesterday was his birthday and I recorded all 6 movies on TCM. Then I watched him on utube till the wee hrs of the morning. U know how it feels that when u want something so bad but there is no possible way to get it, to have it, to want it. Wow!!! I love you Elvis Presley Forever!!!

Mary Boehling

The fan story of: Paul MacKenzie, 42
I'm 42, from Scotland & have been an Elvis fan since I was 8. I love his music, his voice & his carisma. I often told my ex partner Elvis is the most handsome man I've ever seen & she thought so as well, she's a Robbie Williams fan & thinks he's just as good lookin. I used to laugh at her when we had this little less conversation.

Paul MacKenzie

The fan story of: Chloe, 11
I first found Elvis Presley at age well 11. I went to his home in Memphis and seen how he lived, and it really was fit for a king I love Elvis' music and movie.


The fan story of: Julia, 15
I grew up knowing that Elvis was a famous man who died of drugs. About 5 months ago I saw that movie "Elvis and Me" while browsing around on Youtube. I thot the way he was portrayed was a selfish, greedy man. I was a lil shocked and thot "Was he really like that?" I started listening to his music and fell in love with his voice like everybody else. I've read as much as I can about his life, personally and his career. My viewpoint of him has totally changed from what I was told. In a good way tho. :)I love the man with everything and will do everything I can to keep his legacy alive. He's inspired and helped my life in so many ways. He deserves the best after all he's done 4 us. Take care EP fans. <3 LOVE YOU ELVIS!!! (P.S I noticed in one of the comments or 2 some ppl had questions bout him. I know I don't know everything bout him and prob won't ever but if u have any questions you can contact me on facebook at "Lovegirl819" or on Twitter. I'll do my best to answer them accurately. :)) well Best Wishes. TLC.


The fan story of: Jess, 18
Hi, my name is Jess and I am currently eighteen years old and I can't remember not knowing who Elvis was. I hate to admit this, but I have had a hard upbringing. I haven't lived with my Mum since I was eight and have been in Foster Care a very long time. Anyway, the one constant in my life has been Elvis, he has provided support and comfort. Over the many years, I have found myself falling harder for the dead Man. I have striven to learn more of the man, and not the entertainer. I think I can honestly say, if it wasn't more Elvis, I would not be who I am today. As I progress through life, I find comfort in knowing Elvis will be there right along with me. I hope very much to visit Graceland at some point in my life. I will keep his legacy going and try to ensure with many others out there that Elvis Presley is never forgotten. I love him very much. The first song I remember hearing of his was, Devil In Disguise. I have recently moved into my own flat, and it is practically dedicated to the King of Rock 'N' Roll. I don't go anywhere without Elvis, and anybody I meet knows that they can't have me without him, if you know what I mean.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

Jess, 18

The fan story of: Olivia, 25
I fell in love with Elvis when I first went to Graceland. I grew up watching his movies and enjoying his songs on the radio but it wasn't till I went to Memphis and started really learning how amazing this man was not just as a person but as a part of history. I am proud to be an Elvis fan and I look forward to sharing G. I Blues and listening to Jail House Rock with my children.

Olivia B.

The fan story of: Ken, 25
When I was about 9 years old I would go to IHL hockey games in Cleveland, Ohio and there would sometimes be an Elvis impersonator who would sing "Hound Dog" and other popular Elvis songs a lot. My dad asked me if I liked Elvis and I said yes so he bought a couple Elvis CDs and played them in the car a lot. After a few songs I just fell in love with his music. I would listen to it all the time and for Christmas I got Elvis books and would learn all the facts I could about Elvis Presley. When I was 10 years old, I went to a concert with Elvis's band from when he was alive playing and videos of Elvis singing the songs they were playing. I went to Memphis a few years ago when I was 22 and toured all of Graceland. I would go see Elvis impersonators locally when I could find them as well. Even though he died 35 years ago, I think his death was and still is a shock to the world.


The fan story of: Maggie, 68
I have loved Elvis since I was 13. He saved my life. I had a terrible home. My father was drunk most of the time. He was mean and abused my mother and myself. When I first heard Elvis when the fighting started I could put Elvis on my little record player and go away to a wonderful place. I love him just as much today. His music helped change my life. I will always love Elvis. He was, is and will always be the best . He was the best looking man I have ever seen. I hope he knew how many people he helped here on earth.


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24K Gold Music Shows is a large oldies musical revue performing many genres, but emphasizing the 'golden oldies' and Elvis.

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24K Gold Music Shows understands there was only one Elvis Presley, so NO ONE in in the band will ever attempt to "impersonate" Elvis or pretend to be him! The show they are doing is a sincere tribute to the King, with NO attempt to mock him.

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The fan story of: Rachel Loewenstein, 16
I love Elvis. I write stories about Elvis feeding a baby vegetable. I write stories about Elvis feeding a human baby by singing songs. I love listening to his music. My favorite song of Elvis is "Viva Las Vegas". I went to Graceland with my mom, dad, and little sister. I'll always let Elvis live on. He is very handsome, he's a great singer, and he speaks with a Southern accent. I have the "Who Was Elvis Presley?" book. I'm an Elvis fan in the family. Elvis is my all time favorite singer, and I love him.

Rachel Loewenstein

The fan story of: Alexandra Cleveland, 27
I have been an Elvis fan for almost as long as I've been able to remember. I am an only child that grew up in a middle class neighborhood with both parents. Most fans my age would credit their parents or maybe an aunt or uncle as responsible for there Elvis fan status, however, I do not. Neither of my parents grew up listening to Elvis and were more into the Woodstock/Beatles styles of the time, my grandmother absolutely despised him and could at most tolerate a slow ballad or so when forced, so, How did I come to be the religious fan that I am today?
I was around five I had just started kindergarden and was home sick with a cold. While at home watching TV I began watching a movie with singing and dancing and some guy in little white shorts holding a kids guitar(later found out a ukulele) I of course was watching Blue Hawaii. I asked my mom who it was that was singing and she said, Elvis Presley. This is how I was first introduced to the King of Rock-N-Roll. After the movie I would walk around the house singing all the songs I heard... when I didn't stop my parents realized I took interest and a few months later on Christmas Santa brought me my first Elvis Presley CD. Elvis Golden Records which had all of the classic go-to Elvis songs like Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel and Blue Suede Shoes. That CD got played on repeat and taken everywhere with me. I like to say that's when I knew I was an Elvis fan. Years went by and my parents thought it was a phase I would grow out of. It has been 22 years and I still haven't grown out of the phase. ha ha. Not too many people can say that they love something now that they loved when they were five, I can. I am so deeply touched by the legacy of this extraordinary man. Elvis the person as well as Elvis the entertainer has influenced me so greatly and I am in constant amazement of the beautiful spirit he possesses. I am often looked at by my peers as kinda strange because of this longtime curiosity, love and enjoyment of this man. I constantly try to share hid music and story with as many young people as possible so that his legacy can live on past through generations younger than myself.

alexandra cleveland

The fan story of: Anna, 34
I saw on TV a few months ago an Elvis Prestley concert, held at a big ballroom, and I got glued to TV. What an awsome entertainer and a show. The only thing is, I really want to find out if I can get it somewhere on DVD but dont know where this show was held or the year, so it makes the search so hard. All I know is that the ballroom was in red colours, and had rounded booths where the folks sat in and watched. I believe it was in the midst of his career. One time EP walked around the room and gave the girls in the room a kiss while singing. Please if you can help me find out what show it was, where it was held, what year and maybe if it is possible to get it somewhere on DVD, it would be greatly appreciated. Br. Anna

The fan story of: sherri gunter, 55

sherri gunter

The fan story of: Rachel Loewenstein, 16
When I was in middle school, I got into Elvis. I'm a #1 Elvis fan and I have books and posters of Elvis in my room. I have the "Who Was Elvis Presley?" book which tells about Elvis's life from his childhood through his fame. I write stories about Elvis feeding a human baby at his house and singing songs. I also know how to imitate Elvis by saying, "Hi, I'm Elvis! Uh-huh! I'm the King of Rock and Roll!". Elvis is my all-time favorite singer of music history. I love Elvis because he was handsome, he was a good entertainer, he starred in 31 movies, and he is a cultural icon. I love Elvis.

Rachel Loewenstein

The fan story of: Anon, 21
I've always been a fan of Elvis but just recently I've completely fallen in love with him & his music and I can't listen to anyone else! I wish I was alive when he was around but he died 14 years before I was even born. Can't go a day without the King.

Anon - F - 21

The fan story of: Jalyn, 16
I'm currently doing a project in my academy and am researching Elvis and his many succesions and accomplishments and decided it was important to share my condolences and about how much Elvis has influenced me to persue my own dreams


The fan story of: Oyku Ozdemir, 16
Yeah my age is little for you but I'm a big Elvis fan just like you. I know nearly three thousand songs of his discography, surprising, yes I know but I love oldies, they're real music to me. Whatever, my first meet with him was with a Disney movie. How funny, I watched that film (Lilo & Stitch) over and over when I was little. Two years ago I wanted to watch Lilo & Stitch again. I started watching the movie, then I realized that the music was breathtaking. The rhythm, and of course his voice was killing me. I remember the first thing I've done. I opened Youtube and start to listen his most popular songs, they were all so familiar because I've listened Elvis for so many years without knowing him thanks to Disney. You can see his big hits (Heartbreak Hotel, Burning Love, Hound Dog, Stuck On You, Devil In Disguise and more) in Lilo & Stitch. Now there's three men in my life I can't go a day without; my dad, Jack Nicholson (I have an old soul) and The King Elvis.

Oyku Ozdemir

The fan story of: Sabrina, 13
My grandma used to sing his songs to me and my brothers when we were younger and I fell in love with his music


The fan story of: Tracy, 34
I never knew Elvis, I mean I was only 2 years old when he passed away. But I grew up with his music, and as I got older I actually started reading more about him and went onto the website just to see his tours. Man, this man was really something else....He was just too good to be true... It's like God created him perfect! He was just attractive and even more so 3 or 4 years before his death! His music is just awesome!

I was not fortunate enough to ever attend one of his concerts, but a huge fan. He was simply the best....no impersonator in this life time will ever come close....There was just one Elvis!

Tracy, South Africa.

The fan story of: Alex, 11
I am 11. I did a report on him and he is awesome. Then I love Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, he is the best.


The fan story of: Vassy, 12
I love Elvis. Can't say how happy I'll be if He was alive. I really want to go to him concert.. But it's too late.


The fan story of: Wanda Clemmons, 54
I can't say that I remember this but I will tell you that my mom told me that when I was a toddler, my Dad would get the broom and sing like Elvis I would bounce up and down. She said my dad marked me with Elvis. I have loved him ever since. I would watch every movie that I could, and I have every record, the little 45"s and albums that he made. I saw Elvis in concert when I was eighteen here in Asheville, N.C. Got a scarf and a kiss. That was the best night in my life I have been to Graceland 5 or 6 times, and this summer going back. Oh and the day he died I guess you can say that was the saddest day in my life. I love Elvis and I always will.

wanda clemmons

The fan story of: Jeffrey Thompson, 57
My dear mother loved Elvis until day mom passed away. We were in Aloha from Hawaii in 1973, me and mom just loved him. Dear Elvis my mom and after that mom was in 7th heaven. I love him, his music his wonderful movies, wonderful music and movies. He was and always will be in my heart and dear friend, now I'm crying trying to write this letter. He is very kind man very honest, he always help need never forgotten where he came from. To me he is the great man with great kind heart. I am 57 years old, I always when people say bad things about him, that's because they don't know the man like his fans do. I miss him more than life, my life sucks without my friend Elvis. oxxxxxxlove you miss you from jeffrey

jeffrey thompson

The fan story of: Ray Williams, 69
The first time I heard Elvis was back in 1956 when HEARTBREAK HOTEL was out in England and I thought, "Wow, this singer is good," but it was not until I heard Elvis sing PLAYING FOR KEEPS, which shows the versatility of his voice and the ease of reaching high notes which he could achieve. He was considered to be a rock and roll singer at the time but he was so much more, and if you listen to some of the ballads he sung at the time, you will see what I mean. He also made some gospel records as well and the first one I really listened to was PEACE IN THE VALLEY where he sings more like baritone with this deep powerful voice. On the recording of I BELIEVE you could be forgiven for thinking that this could not be the same singer as his range was so great. I had never before or since heard any popular singer with the range capacity and feeling that he could put into a song. If you get the chance go to see the Elvis tour with all the original musicians where Elvis sings HOW GREAT THOU ART it is amazing.
Ray Williams

The fan story of: Clementine, 70
I was in a car with my father in Nov.'54, when I was 13 yrs old, and was totally distracted and bowled over by this unknown singer, singing on the radio. I looked at my father and said, "I don't know who that singer is, Daddy, but I know that he is someone very SPECIAL!!" The song was "That's Alright", the singer was our man, ELVIS!


The fan story of: Joe, 11
I didn't get to see Elvis but it would be very cool if I did. They think Michael Jackson is the king but he's not. There's only one king and that's Elvis. Long live the king.


The fan story of: Nadira, 10
I first knew about Elvis Presley from Bruno Mars' biography in Wikipedia.com. I opened Elvis' biography and I asked my mom (52) if she knows Elvis. She says "Elvis was truly popular, nobody doesn't know him". I ended up asking the same question to my father (53). He answered "Yes, he is very popular". My father also tried to sing like Elvis, since my father has a quite low voice and is quite a good singer. I got interested from my father's answer and looked for one of his song in the "Discography" part, then search for it in 4shared.com. The song was "That's all right". That song was amazing, amazing enough to amaze a kid who was born 24 years after the singer's death when music is different from days now.


The fan story of: Ali
I discovered Elvis when I was 11 years old, two years after he died. The first song I heard him sing was "She's Not You" and that was it. His voice had me mesmerised and I just knew that Elvis would be the only singer I would ever want to listen to. His voice is simply incredible. I have two gorgeous sons, my eldest I named Aaron, and had my youngest been a girl, I was going to call her Presley. I have made my boys very well aware of who Elvis is and how I feel about him. No child should ever grow up without knowing who Elvis is. I have been a fan for 32 years now and I cannot get through the day without hearing his voice. He comes second in my life only to my boys. I just really can't express how much I love this beautiful man and his phenomenal voice. He will live on in my heart for the rest of my life. I feel so very very honoured to have discovered him and to have have him in my life, and to have had the pleasure of introducing him to my boys. LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM !!!!


The fan story of: Joe
I've always liked Elvis since I had to do a report about him in the third grade. I got my first Elvis CD when I was 10. It was girls girls girls. I like his rock n roll the best. My favorite songs are hound dog, jailhouse rock, if I can dream, and heartbreak hotel.

Joe, 11

The fan story of: Peter, 20
I grew up around his music, but I started to really get into his music when it was his 30th anniversary. I watched a doc about his health. I never knew he was such a massive star when I saw people on the streets and on Graceland, he's the greatest musician that ever lived.

Peter Charlie Legg

The fan story of: Evan
Used to watch Ivanhoe when TV came to New Zealand. Then when 11 shown picture of Elvis I was impressed. I heard songs on radio among many. My mother sent me to singing lessons age 35 take along time growing up in NZ. Recorded a cover, "I want you I need you I want you I need you I love you." Found there were 20000 reg impersonators in us. Main thing I had in common with Elvis was my wife and daughter left. Audience shouted Elvis, and I felt I was somewhere else. I did a lot of reasearch and a lot of grieving and at 57 wonder

Evan Barraclough

The fan story of: Ella, 16
I've only just recently gotten into Elvis and his music (and that was bound to happen, with an undying love for the Beatles and the 1950-1979 period in general) but I can tell it is going to be a permanent thing - especially with young Elvis. The rock and roll, the good looks - I tell ya, he really was the King.


The fan story of: WILLIAM, AGE 52


The fan story of: John Mason - age 42
Since I was at least 8 years old I loved Elvis presley and his music. My first 33 record album I ever purchased was Elvis golden records. I wore out that record and even as a child I tried to sing and sound like Elvis. Even in the 5th grade a kid said I sounded like Elvis singing "Hound Dog." As I grew up and the years passed I kept on studying on the sound of his voice and I improved to perfect his voice. Finally at the age of about 22 in 1992 I got the nerve to sing at the San Bernardino county fair in Victorville, California, on an amateur stage called "Reach for the Stars" and I had to pay $3.00 per song I sang. You should have seen how the crowd reacted. They went insane!! I actually felt as if I was Elvis in the actual days of Elvis. I loved it!! The crowd just kept growing bigger and bigger until 300 or more people gathered around the stage. They were cheering and whistling and yelling non-stop! People always try to get me to do dance moves like Elvis, but unfortunately that's the one thing I've never done, which if I did, I'd master the whole art of being a really good Elvis impersonator.

Anyway, back to when I sang on stage for the first time at the fair. The crowd went wild and flogged the stage. And even when I finally had to stop singing, they kept yelling, "Don't stop! Sing some more!" Nobody wanted me to leave, but this was nearly at midnight so the fair was about to close so I had to stop. After I stopped singing, a guy asked me if I'd like to join his band called "Blowing in the Wind," which at that time I thought was a strange name for a band, but I turned down his offer and I kind of regretted it ever since.

Another guy came up to me and told me he went to see the amateur stage every night of the fair and nobody ever went nuts over any other singer as they did over me. One girl there named Priscilla, who also sang a song or more there, told me she gives me 2 thumbs up and her 2 big toes too! She was a cute Mexican girl, but she was pushing a stroller. Almost no half way cute girl is ever single.

Anyway after that awesome night singing Elvis songs at the fair, very sad to say that amateur "Reaching for the Stars" stage never returned again to the fair. It saddened me ever since. Since then I sang at an Elvis contest at a restaurant called "Hudson's Grill" which turned into a dentistry since then. I won an Elvis CD, plus a customer gave me a $20.00 tip and told me I was the best Elvis voice he's heard. I also sang at Domingo's restaurant and at the Victorville Swapmeet in the fairgrounds.

Then the last place I ever sang Elvis songs was on TV, 2 different years in a row, on the Victor Valley Toys for Tots telethon in 1994 & 1995. Elvis kinda left the building in my life since then. Other than my Elvis singing I also sang gospel songs since I was young. I became a guest singer in a church called "The Abundant Life Church of Oak Hills" in California, plus I sang just one night at me and my ex-girlfriends church, the Full Gospel Church in Apple Valley on new years night of 1996. Every place I ever sang, whether Elvis songs or at church, nobody wanted me to stop singing.

Since 1996 I never sang anywhere again sad to say. From being very saddened from my girlfriend deserting me I went into deep depression for over 12 years now. I won't say her last name but her first and middle name was Lisa Marie. An Elvis related name. Call me a fool but I still love her even while she's doing me wrong. I'm just an ever forgiving man when it comes to the woman I love. Now depression from Lisa leaving me has been killing me so bad that I've developed health problems from it that could soon put an end to my life if I'm not treated soon. Lisa was my first and only girlfriend, "my first love," so she became my whole reason to live and my inspiration. Without her I just died inside with no will to go on. I'd give anything to have her back in my arms again.

Anyway, sorry about dragging my personal life into this. I just mainly wanted to tell you about my passion for Elvis Presley and how I got started singing his music. So goodbye for now, Elvis fans, and thankyou very much for reading my story.

PS. If anybody knows Lisa Marie of Apple Valley, California, I'd appreciate it if you could tell her I still love her no matter what. Ask her to call me. She has my number unless her family kept it from her. She just turned 40 this month last april 26th. Thanks Elvis fans. By the way, I now live in New Mexico, "the land of entrapment!" I was forced to leave my home town in Hesperia, California, where I lived for 36 years in the same house because I live with my parents so I have to go wherever they go. My dad just died last September. My last remaining grandfather also died last year around June or July and my grandmother died a year before that. Life seems to be all about losing the ones you love the most. Pretty sad. I'm wondering if I'll ever see the day that I'm married or have any children. I just turned 42. That's the same age Elvis was when he died. If I don't get married now!!, I might as well kiss my chance to ever have any children goodbye! Where are you Lisa? I love you!!! Well, thanks again for reading all my story, all you Elvis fans. And that's finally all......TCB

John Mason


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24K Gold Music Shows is a large oldies musical revue performing many genres, but emphasizing the 'golden oldies' and Elvis.

The last part of each evening show is an Elvis Tribute, featuring his music based on arrangements from his 1970s concerts. And every show is different!

24K Gold Music Shows understands there was only one Elvis Presley, so NO ONE in in the band will ever attempt to "impersonate" Elvis or pretend to be him! The show they are doing is a sincere tribute to the King, with NO attempt to mock him.

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