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Take our fun test, and you can find out just exactly how Elvis fan or fanatic you are!  What is your Elvis Fanaticism Score?

1. Your general knowledge about Elvis Presley:

Who is Elvis Presley? Never heard of the guy.
I've heard the name... wasn't he a rock'n'roll singer?
I know a few facts about him and his life.
I can tell you the basic biography.
I want to learn everything there is to know about Elvis.
I know it all.  Have a question?  Ask me!

2. You and his music:

I've never heard any of his music that I know of.
When Elvis is played, I prefer to leave the room if possible.
I guess I tolerate it.
Play him or don't - I don't care.
I listen to his music maybe every now and then.
I play his music every week!
I play his music several days a week!
Not a DAY passes without playing his music!

3. How much Elvis memorabilia and stuff do you own?:

I own 1-4 Elvis CDs/Albums/Videos.
I own 5+ Elvis CDs/Albums/Videos.
I own 10+ Elvis CDs/Albums/Videos.
I own 30+ Elvis CDs/Albums/Videos.

I own 1 Elvis movie.
I own several Elvis movies.
I buy every Elvis movie I can find.

I have Elvis bumper sticker.
I have Elvis coffee mug.
I have Elvis T-shirt.
I have Elvis cookie jar.
I have 1 Elvis poster on my wall.
I have several Elvis posters.
I have Elvis desktop and screensaver.
I have Elvis' autograph.
I have Elvis costume / suit.
I wear Elvis costume every day.
I sleep in Elvis sleepwear.
I have almost everything Elvis in my home, car, etc.

4. Other - check all that apply:

I often buy Elvis collectibles and items.
I subscribe to an Elvis magazine or newsletter.
I belong to a Elvis fan club.
I have visited Graceland.
I've made my own Elvis website.
My cell phone has Elvis songs ring tones.
I have performed as Elvis in karaoke or talent show.
I am a professional Elvis impersonator (or married one).
I dream of Elvis.

Score Elvis Fanaticism Level
negative You either must have lived in a closet, OR I wonder why you are even visiting this website...
0-9 You're not a serious Elvis fan (at least not yet...).
10-19 You like Elvis quite well.
20-29 Elvis is a big part of your life.
30-59 You are a serious Elvis fan.
60-99 We consider you a committed Elvis fanatic.
100+ Are you sure there's not life outside Elvis?


Graph of Elvis Fans Level Past Scores
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24K Gold Music Shows is a large oldies musical revue performing many genres, but emphasizing the 'golden oldies' and Elvis.

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